10 things that turn off buyers

10 things that turn off buyers

1. Front Door and Land

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. The front door and approach to the home is the first impression for potential buyers. Give them something to look forward to, instead of giving them fear about what is next. Consider repainting, changing out door hardware, or replacing the door entirely if you feel it’s time.

2. Cluttered Basements and Garages

When a buyer is coming into your home they want to picture their stuff in your space. If they see that your stuff does not fit they are not going to be able to picture how it will work for them. They immediately think, not enough storage.

If this is what you are offering
Take some time and try to offer this

photos source HGTV

3. Smoke Filled Rooms

The smell of smoke lingers in a room long after the source of the smoke has been removed. For non-smokers they will notice the smell immediately.

4. Excessive Pet Interiors

Buyers may or may not like the pet that you love, but they will never understand your love for your pets.

5. Outdated Outdoor Spa Tubs

You may have this…
…but the buyer sees this

6. Abandoned Cars and Equipment

If you have an old tractor parked in the middle of a field buyers will see it as an abandoned piece of equipment (even if your tractor still works). If they think it is abandoned they are going to think that you don’t value your property. If you don’t value your property why should they value your property.

7. Decks that need repair

When buyers are looking at a house and picturing their future life in that house they do not want to worry about the potential lawsuit that comes when someone fell because the decking had a hole in it.

8.Fireplaces that need cleaning

Fireplaces provide ambiance. If you remind the buyer of the work involved in having a fireplace it loses it romantic notion.

9.Roof Leaks

A roof is one of those things that buyers do not want to think about. The fact that you just replaced the roof is great, but all buyers are expecting the roof to work. If it does not work a buyer will think about the problem and the repair of the roof as well as what other water damage might exist. “Does the house have mold? What is it going to cost to have the mold removed? Did the water cause rot? Is the house safe? I am not sure I want to open that can of worms.” If you have fixed the leak, remove all signs of interior damage, a scene like this will make the buyer wonder if the leak is fixed.

Rather than give the buyer the thought that your house is “full of mold and about to fall over from rot”, fix the roof and any interior damage.

10. Cluttered Interiors

Buyers want to know that they can fit into your house. If they have to step over and around thing to move around they will be distracted trying not to break any of your belongings and not focusing on whether the house will work for them.


You might not think that these things are important or fair, but remember when you are trying to sell your house you want to appeal to the largest segment of the market and entice buyers to want live in your home (hopefully what used to be your home).

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