476 Squirrel Lane

476 Squirrel Lane


A neighbor or friend shows you a landscape she has recently painted. Immediately, and with absolute certainty, you announce, “I do not have that sort of talent or creativity”. Excuse me? You don’t? Then how do you explain how your mind instantly embarks on a creative, visual journey complete with perfect scenery and composition whenever you plan a vacation or a new living environment? You are more creative than you know, otherwise, you would be stuck and never dream of a better home, a better life or a better way. And this you do all the time.

I played with a very interesting online gadget over the weekend, for a personal project, and it took only a few moments for me to realize what a fantastic tool this could be for your home search. It is extremely user-friendly and can provide a delightful interlude in the midst of your daily responsibilities and the inevitable stress of house hunting. It is a free (absolutely safe) online scrapbook designer offered by Smilebox.

I especially like the versatility of this idea, for it provides all you need not merely to imagine your dream home, but also to elegantly (and playfully if you wish) record every home you visit. You can then share your assembled thoughts and images via email or Facebook, thus inviting the encouragements and creative ideas of friends and colleagues. There is even the possibility of a sudden, “OMG, this looks almost exactly like a house that’s for sale just two miles from mine. You have to see it!”

The possibilities are endless. You are not limited to visualizing your dream home. Without crowding your shelves or making a mess of paper clippings, you can create a new scrapbook for every single house you visit. This engages your creative thinking and by adding the words that convey your emotions and impressions, voila, you have a perfect record of your search to return to for narrowing down your choices. You can even include video and music!

Get the picture? I invite you to click “Play” on the scrapbook I have prepared for you. And make sure you take lots of pictures next time you go home shopping.

(476 Squirrel Lane is a fictitious home and location – Clicking on Play will take you to the Smilebox display)

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