A Penny’s Worth

A Penny’s Worth

Strong work ethics, sturdy family values and a true appreciation for the special qualities of Vermont in every season. Add a beaming smile that can brighten the cloudiest day; this sums up Penny Mason-Anderson pretty well.

The youngest of 10 children, Penny grew up in Mud City, a small neighborhood of Morristown. This is where she became acquainted with the wealth of activities that the Vermont seasons and landscape offer.

For Penny, home is defined by one’s cozy residence and by the land that extends from its doorstep and opens the way to mountain trails, lakes and streams. Home is found in the comfort of the reading room and the exhilaration of a swim in the brook; it is in the light that meets you at the breakfast table in the morning and the shadow of swaying trees that salute the hiker on the trail. Penny, her husband and three children are avid kayakers, brook swimmers, cross-country skiers, hikers and bikers.

Her active appreciation of home, family and nature, as well as her twelve years as former president of the Lamoille Valley Chamber of Commerce, are the foundation that allows Penny to do what she does best: Selling Vermont to those who appreciate it as much as she does. “It’s exciting to help first-time homebuyers”, says Penny, who recognizes the twinkle in the eye that reveals in an instant the satisfaction of creating one’s own paradise, step by step. She understands the delight of this experience.

She also knows that little flaws are not necessarily obstacles. “I teach buyers the 80/20 rule,” she explains, “that no house is going to be 100 % perfect in all aspects. If they like 80 % of the house, they can change 20 %.” Truth be told, this is part of the delight of recognizing the gem that not only fits one’s dream, but also provides the little nudge to expand it.

Delight, it turns out, shows up in the most unexpected, yet often perfect ways. Penny affectionately recalls helping a widowed woman selling her home in the nick of time before it turned into a foreclosure. Though it was certainly a bitter-sweet process, her client was able to move on without unnecessary additional hardships, leaving her home to fulfill the dreams of a young military couple, as one life chapter easing its way into the next. Those moments are precious and transforming for everyone involved.

Penny understands the importance of proper support in one’s personal life as well as in one’s professional life. “I have had many jobs in my lifetime,” she concludes, “but none with the day to day support and encouragement that I have directly from the Pall Spera Company.”

Support and encouragement, it turns out, are the foundation of Penny’s life, at home and in her career.

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