A Real Estate Deal

A Real Estate Deal

Three days to the end of 2010. For those who like numbers and statistics, as I do, it might be interesting to look at the market. Where do we stand? How well have we done this year compared to last year? How well have we done in this last quarter of 2010? Should I look at Lamoille County only, or include Caledonia and Washington?

The funny thing with statistics is that the choice of parameters can result in widely different numbers and interpretations. For instance, while comparing sales in one county only between 2009 and 2010, we may find a 7 % increase. Add another county and the sales increase suddenly turns into a drop. Who wants to change the subject? Ha! I see that you are with me on this 100%.

Let’s talk about 1912, shall we. That is the year the first movie whose storyline pertains to Real Estate was released. It was titled “A Real Estate Deal”, it was black and white and silent, and it was a comedy. Real Estate is serious business, but as any business that involves interaction with people, it lends itself to lighthearted moments, small faux pas, big clashes and a fine study of human character. It is not only your home that leaves an impression; those odd character traits or foot-in-the-mouth moments can provide cheerful release in an instant, or later, when we look back with a rested mind and realize we can laugh at it all, even at ourselves.

Sometimes, you may want to ask, “Are We Done Yet?” This, it turns out, happens to be the title of yet another movie portraying a hilarious and emotional Realtor who has a knack, or not, for multi-tasking. Once he has sold you a house, he becomes your contractor, electrician, midwife, baby whisperer and neighborhood Olympic athlete. Apparently not a very highly rated movie, but certainly funny after a hard day when you need to switch gears.

In Hollywood Homicide, Harrison Ford chases bad guys as an L.A. detective while trying to grab Real Estate gigs on the side as a moonlighting Realtor. If you think about it, this could be some sort of variation on the theme of Indiana Jones.

If you happen to be in the midst of a Real Estate adventure yourself, look back and consider those instances when you are able to laugh or at least smile because it is going quite well after all. You could also plan a night at the movies in your new home, if you have just purchased one, or as a new beginnings party if you are about to move from your current residence. Invite friends. Real Estate is the theme. Here are a few movies. Some are definitely not great works of art, but they are certain to make you laugh. Enjoy.

American Beauty – Annette Bening

Empire of the Ants – Joan Collins

Lethal Weapon 3 – Joe Pesci

Phil Dunphy – Ty Burrell

Regarding Henry – Annette Bening

What Planet Are You From? – Annette Bening

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