A Sense of Value

A Sense of Value

Horse trainer, ski instructor, justice of the peace, rescue squad member, summer camp director, mother, business woman and Real Estate agent Cubby Momsen has shown properties by snowshoe and helicopter.

The beauty and tranquility of Vermont captured my heart,” she says Cubby, who was born in the bucolic English Cotswolds. “Those crystal-clear days when the snow sparkles and you can see for miles have no equal,” explains Cubby, “The fall colors are more brilliant than even the locals can believe and warm summer days make me thankful not to live in the city.”

Being married to a builder specializing in renovations adds to her expertise. “I’m aware of what can be done with buildings and properties,” says Cubby, who has a keen understanding of value.

It is a balancing act. “There are plenty of buyers out there, but they are looking for value,” Cubby points out; “When they see good value they move quickly.” Overpriced properties do not sell and the “perfect buyer” is not necessarily willing to pay more. The perfect buyer recognizes good value.

“The greatest challenge for buyers is finding the house that fits all their needs,” observes Cubby, “With so many options and potentially more coming, they are inclined to wait for the perfect house and often lose out. For sellers it is about getting to the right price to sell.”

“How many times have we heard, I should have taken the first offer?” says Cubby, whose sensitivity to the seller’s expectations and the buyer’s goals enables her to provide the integrity and knowledge that ensure sellers and buyers meet on level ground. The most enjoyable challenge for Cubby is to work with people from all corners of America and the world, with all manners of dreams and needs, and help them find solutions.

Stowe is Cubby’s chosen home; Real Estate, her chosen profession. She rightfully observes, “Stowe is still a very special place and people who discover it are hooked. The Real Estate market here relies on those visitors and making them feel welcome.”

Cubby shares a deep commitment to Stowe with those who have lived here all their lives as well as those who move here to make it home.

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