An Artist Walks Into a Room – What Does He See?

An Artist Walks Into a Room – What Does He See?

Steeple on The Hill - Stowe VT - by Mehdi Fallahian - 25 July 2011

“I want my paintings to represent the atmosphere around me at the very moment I’m using my brush against canvas. This translates into painting climate, touch, and all the sensory aspects along with the actual scene.”

Mehdi Fallahian, author of these words of wisdom, silently set up his easel in the exact spot he knew would provide the perfect angle to capture the vibrant red façade of the Village Sampler, in Jeffersonville Vermont.

Patrons sitting in the front windows of the adjacent 158 Main Restaurant watched, mesmerized. Others lingered at a peaceful distance when they came out to their cars, transfixed, unable to leave just yet. A young boy stood by, at once daring to come closer, yet mindful of the need for space and silence. Art awakens humility. The artist tuned in to the scene and canvas, his rhythm and focus undisturbed.

I interrupted, briefly, for permission to take a picture (below) and to write about him. The agile hand continued to apply color to the canvas with precision, almost with kindness. “My name is Mehdi Fallahian. I am visiting from Washington State.” He wrote down his website address and promptly returned his attention to the easel, where it belonged. After all, the gallery on his website could do the speaking for him, and that it did.

What if, like Mehdi, each of us had the ability to capture all the moment to moment sensory aspects of the scene that unfolds before our eyes as we go to the market, to work, to school or as we awake in the morning and begin the day? What a colorful, mesmerizing world this might be! A world beyond description; not for lack of words, but because, as for Mehdi, words would be unnecessary.

This is how it is when we travel to new, unchartered (for us) territory. We enter a new town, a new home, with wide eyes, attentive ears and a childlike sense of anticipation. There must be something wonderful just around the corner. We don’t think about this consciously, of course, and it is precisely this that makes a difference. At such moments, we experience life without judgment. One thing is not better than another. Everything is new, bright and colorful.

Perhaps the trick to seeing the world with the eye of an artist is to come to our senses, literally; in each moment, to pay attention to the story that is revealed by our eyes, ears, taste buds and fingertips. Thus, in order to come to our senses on purpose, we need only change the itinerary once in a while, so as to become a visitor in our own world.

Visitors like Mehdi Fallahian remind us to see each moment with fresh eyes. In doing so, we see with a clear mind as well.

Click HERE to visit the artist’s website and discover how he sees our nation, from West to East.

Mehdi Fallahian - Visiting VT from Washington State



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