Beyond the Backyard

Beyond the Backyard

Once in a while, more often if fortunate enough, one comes across a sentence or paragraph that, out of an entire book, speaks the loudest. It usually speaks so loud because it fits the circumstances at hand to absolute perfection, or it is the very thing you needed to hear in order to shift your perspective, and you had known all along that it needed to shift, soon, in order to avoid a crash.

We are in the midst of a new year and still hoping to fare better than in past months and put a shaky market behind us. As if this were not enough, it so happens that the way we do business is changing at astronomical rates. “Business as usual” simply does not apply anymore. Colleagues and competitors turn to the extended community provided by new media in order to secure their share of an ever-expanding market. A search using the word “Realtor”, on Facebook, generates 16,000 profiles!

In the marketplace, this means we now have the opportunity and ability to see beyond the confines of street, city, neighborhood and country. Not stepping beyond that line to take advantage of all the possibilities this expanded territory and knowledge releases would be like walking without ever looking up from our own two feet. As individuals, we owe it to ourselves to expand our perception, if only to bask in the beauty and marvels beyond our own backyards. As business people and service providers, we owe it to the people we serve.

This requires a change in perspective. The following excerpts from “When Everything Changes, Change Everything”, by Neale Donald Walsh, seem to provide a good starting point: “Nothing changes for the worse. Everything only changes for the better…All of life is a mechanism… called change… Change for the worse is literally impossible within the expression of life… because life itself can fundamentally alter itself in only one direction: The direction that evolution requires, the direction that expansion demands, the direction that keeps it flourishing… Things can only improve because improvement is natural.”

Change is scary. It must be scary, because this is the way the part of our brain that is wired to protect us ensures we notice the change and decide how to adapt in order to preserve our lives and, let’s face it, our sanity. But we need not allow the fear to stop us in our tracks. Stopping is a sure way to lose ground. We must look ahead and become familiar with the new tools that will assist our journey, whatever path we may choose, whatever business we may conduct and whatever goal we may endeavor to fulfill.

Our vision must be as great as our goals, and greater.

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