Beyond The Parasol

Beyond The Parasol

You have heard of Out-Sourcing, but have you ever heard of “Outdooring”?

This, it turns out, is a new trend in backyard and poolside living; no outsourcing required. In fact, it is a great opportunity to bring “locally-made” back into one’s environment.

Home life is no longer limited to the enclosure of a house. Had Google Earth existed twenty years ago, over time we might have observed a dramatic transition from the few and modest individual swimming pools that emerged in suburban backyards to the fully-landscaped patio environments of today.

Patio furniture and accessories are gaining much popularity as we expand our living space to include outdoor oasis. Have you noticed how much more of the floor they occupy at stores nationwide? The more attuned we become to our impact on the environment, it seems, the more we long to re-connect with it in new ways, embrace it and bridge a sort of gap. In fact, we extend our living spaces into harmonious designs that literally bring nature within touch and sight.

The term “Outdooring” refers to this. It was recently coined by Montreal Interior designer Chantal Couture. While developing personal ideas to improve her family’s lifestyle in their own backyard, Couture began adding structural and decorative accessories to her backyard environment that soon expanded beyond patio furniture. This resulted in the development of concepts for garden and poolside enclosures akin to studios, family and entertainment rooms rather than mere gazebos or pergolas.

Thus “Outdooring” evolved into a lifestyle as poolside family rooms began to replace the table and parasol. The poolside house is no longer for gathering on sunny summer afternoons only, it is where full-blown weddings take place, where sports fans meet to watch the game in a festive environment and where elaborate children’s parties take place any time of year. It is the guest house, but the guest, in this case, is the occasion. We invite birthdays, celebrations, and even corporate meetings to enter our lives in a special place with a personality to suit the occasion; better yet, to enhance it.

Essex Junction Architect and Interior Designer Michael Minadeo understands this. He was a guest speaker here at the Pall Spera offices last June. I wrote an article about him at that time, titled “When Architecture Meets Poetry”. Indeed, Minadeo’s work captures the language of interior and exterior design. He creates environments that not only reflect the personality of home owners, but also tell the story of the meeting of mood and landscape.

“Outdooring” is a natural extension of the home, a customized living space that brings nature, family and friends into a year-round oasis.

Pool House ~ Michael Minadeo -Architect

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