Brand Flakes

Brand Flakes

Only a few years ago, when anyone used to word “media”, our minds almost inevitably conjured up images of paparazzi and the evening news. Media was simply something outside of us, a sort of accumulation of photographs, film footage and opinions, packaged and handed out as a finite product.

Today, we talk about “social media” and people around the world who have access to a computer or cell phone have a hand in the creation of content of one form or another. Marshall McLuhan’s famous words: “The medium is the message” ring true, perhaps even more than they did decades ago. Indeed, social media have provided the means for us to become not merely a consumer of finite news and entertainment morsels and not merely a contributor. We are the message.

More than ever, we are deeply aware of the impact we have within the community and within business relations. Just as the word “media” has begun to reflect a very public reality, so has the word “brand”.

Brand is to business what the food pyramid is to good health. It is the sum of many essential building blocks: Reliability, consistency, communication skills, principles and business ethics. According to a recent RIS Media article, it is through credibility, reliability and relationship-building skills that one builds trust and a recognized brand. These are the required ingredients.

Since we have already compared brand to the food pyramid, let us refer to these ingredients as “Brand Flakes”, but merely for the sake of conversation, I assure you. The Merriam Webster dictionary defines “Flake” as follows: From 14th century English flacor, flying (of arrows). The image of flying arrows is so appropriate, for developing a brand is an exercise in aiming for a target. Like the archer, one must develop and demonstrate a high level of mastery in order to reach the goal. According to the RIS Media article, “A large part of your credibility is your industry experience (mastery) and how you use it to the benefit of your clients (how you target it), along with your core operating principles.

The word “flake” is used also to describe a somewhat eccentric person. In the context of a business such as Real Estate, the folks who are the most influential, those who have developed a character or brand, rarely if ever appear ordinary. They radiate enthusiasm and passion for their work and for each encounter and they are solidly grounded in their expertise. It is by standing out that they invite trust.

When such folks represent an endeavor or company, as Real Estate professionals do, you can be certain that they contribute to the building of a strong, reliable and recognized brand. This brand is the result of collective excellence, one that attains the status of brand only through the integrity and actions of its agents.

Read the full RIS article here: Is Yours a Trusted Brand?

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