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Evaluated at $165 million, one of the most expensive homes in America, located in Beverly Hills, boasts 72,000-square-feet divided amongst six buildings. What can one expect for that sort of money? 1 disco, 3 swimming pools, 29 bedrooms and 41 bathrooms. What in the world could be worth $165 million? Actually, all the maple syrup Canada exports every year, Bill Clinton’s Presidential Library or NASA’s Mars Polar Lander to name a few. By comparison, the box office take for The Godfather was $87 million.

The Most Expensive Journal lists some of the properties that could be the most expensive ones to hit the market in recent years around the world. Let’s have a tour, shall we?

Our tour begins in Moscow, Russia. “The Eurasia Estate” (seen above) is listed at 100 million US dollars. It consists of an “11,700-square-foot mansion with a 91,000-square-foot recreation center”. The property also includes not one, but two 4,000-square-foot guest houses.

Closer to home, how would you like movie night in your very own nineteen-seat movie theater? “Tranquility” is located at Lake Tahoe, Nevada. Asking price: $100 million. Ho! Did I mention the 3,500-bottle wine cellar?

A little jump back over the Atlantic lands us at “Updown Court”, Windlesham, Surrey. For a mere $140 million, a “more sophisticated occupant” (not my words!) can entertain in the private ballroom or 50-seat cinema as guests gently pull in the heated marble driveway or land on the helipad.

In France, “La Leopolda” was originally built for King Leopold of Belgium’s mistress (perhaps diamonds did not suffice!). The view? Why, the French Riviera, no less. Interestingly, this property has had several owners, including Bill Gates. The property includes 20 acres with “hundreds of olive, cypress and lemon trees tended by 50 gardeners”.

There are different ways to look at this, of course, depending on one’s financial status, values, circumstances, upbringing and even mood. There is always more to people than their stuff and that is their true wealth.

The Most Expensive Journal describes itself as follows: “Covering typical luxury items like watches, cars and houses, to exorbitant LEGO sets and hot sauces, there’s sure to be something here that will make your jaw drop.” This is precisely the point it seems. In a rather down-to-earth way, these properties simply reflect someone’s jaw-dropping vision and certainly a high level of craftsmanship and creativity.

All of us dream big, but in different areas. You may not own a mansion, but you own a heck of a vintage record collection. You may not own a castle, but your garden is worthy of a king’s approval. We are a species that cannot resist materializing our visions. It is not so much a matter of wealth as it is a matter of self-expression and creativity.

I don’t know about you, but I am really curious about the “exorbitant LEGO sets”!



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