Coming Home

Coming Home

Gray Monday in the Green Mountains, but cheer is in the air as people travel and gather for the upcoming Thanksgiving meal.

“Coming home” has different meanings to different people. To some, it is the anticipation of a quiet evening in front of the fireplace in the new home that up until this moment had been a long-awaited dream. To others, it is the heartwarming and reassuring reunion with siblings and loved ones at the end of a long tour of duty; to others yet, it is simply the comfort of closing the day within the walls and things that are an extension of our self-expression and that make us feel complete when we stand in their midst.

The suitcase we take for the journey may be heavy with gifts or merely with the essential items required for the trip, but our hearts lighten the moment we reach our destination, burdens are lifted and we are finally truly able to give in to a smile; the sort of smile that tells the story of how we got there and how we know this is where we belong.

The following video clip inspired today’s topic. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Travel safe.

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