Crossing Paths With Santa

Crossing Paths With Santa

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Americans move on average 12 times in their lifetime. By age 4, an American may still move 11 times. By age 19, as many as 9 additional moves are possible. By age 44, most Americans can expect to move 3 more times. What are the odds any move will occur at Christmas time?

Though moving during the Holidays can certainly add chaos to everyday life for single individuals or childless couples, it can certainly represent a very traumatic experience for children. There are ways to turn this event into good memories to share next Christmas season.

First, the basics: Have you ever seen a Superman movie take place in winter? Are you Superman? Well, then, do not try to take the entire world unto your shoulders. No, wait, that was Atlas… but you get the picture. Moving in snow and slush is not an easy thing. It is exhausting, physically, mentally and emotionally. Get some help, even if it means spending a bit more. It will be worth every penny and may very well keep you sane.

Hire professional movers or at least ask for help in your entourage. Your friends and family will be glad you did. Tell them that, this year, their assistance would be the best gift they can possible give. Have a potluck packing party.

If you have children, set some time aside for a moving box decorating party. They could wrap the boxes that contain your holiday decorations. This will make them easily identifiable for immediate access, because they must be the first items to come out.

This is true even if you do not have children, because the first thing on your agenda is to create a Christmas oasis in your new home. This begins by indulging in a bit of holiday shopping to get in the mood. Buy your new home a few holiday gifts. You will need a wreath, a few new decorations and a colorful blanket or tablecloth.

Once at your new residence, hang the wreath on your new front door. This apparently small gesture sets the mood and helps you take notice of the moment. You may now enter, making sure to proceed with regal steps. This is a very special event, after all (even if it is the 11th time you move!). Turn on the heat. Bring in the decorations. Everyone carries a box. Set up the tree, if such is your custom. Place the colorful blanket or tablecloth on the floor. Have yourself a merry little holiday picnic. Do not forget the background music!

One more thing: Make it a catered affair. This does not have to cost you a penny, though it might be a good occasion to try the great deli you have noticed in town. Remember the irresistible quiche and éclairs in the display? On the other hand, your friends and family would surely love to pack a festive meal for you and thus take part in your adventure in a meaningful way.

Ask yourself, “How can I make this holiday move memorable?” This question is the goal. It is the star that lights the way. Happy travels.

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