Cut it Out!

Cut it Out!

We take photographs of vacations, birthday parties, long-lost and rediscovered friends, a child’s first steps or sports medal and breath-taking sunsets caught on the spur of the moment on the way home from work. These snap shots capture the events we want to share and remember. They are images of key moments in the yesterdays that, weaved together in a forward motion, span a lifetime of accomplishments and living memories.

Images can be a great forward motion tool as well. Do you not visualize your new home? Do you not superimpose your mental image of the perfect kitchen or sun deck on the homes you visit? Take the camera obscura out of your head and into your hands. Create a scrapbook of your vision.

This can be a fun project if you have children, because it provides an opportunity to make them feel included in a manner that is likely to be very easily manageable for you and definitely fun for them.

Home shopping is one of the most challenging events couples share in a lifetime. Whether you have children or not, invite your partner to play along and create a scrapbook with you. There is a vast difference between sharing your vision verbally and sharing a playful, visual activity to illustrate your thoughts. You may find that the kitchen layout you did not quite agree on becomes an entirely new, joint creation once you share cut out images and rearrange them on the page.

Get some magazines on the way home from work, pick up some paint and countertop swatches at the hardware store, order a giant pizza, put on comfortable clothes and your favorite music, sit on the floor with your treasures, scissors, glue, glitter, markers and a giant scrapbook. The kids can join you, with a book and cut out treasures of their own.

While a photo album helps you reconstruct memorable moments, a vision scrapbook helps you pre-construct them. Make sure you play show and tell with your Real Estate agent and when you finally live within the space you have so playfully and completely envisioned, display your book along with your other photo albums. It represents the fabric of a realized dream.

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