Demo Day

Demo Day

We mentioned in our December blog a couple of local businesses with live demonstrations—Laughing Moon Chocolates and Ziemke Glassblowing Studios. In our quest to introduce you to all Stowe has to offer, we’re taking a closer look at these fine local businesses.

Situated on Main Street, Laughing Moon Chocolates is a small business that produces handmade chocolates. While they may not be able to cram a lot of people in their shop (we’ll call it an intimate space), they offer a wide variety of chocolates—you can find anything from truffles to chocolate bars to chocolate covered apples to handmade candy canes. Even if you don’t make it in time to see their chocolate dipping demonstration, you can still see them work their magic through a window that looks from the shop directly into their workspace. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and happy to help you with your purchasing decisions; help you may need since there are a variety of flavors available. For example, besides the more conventional offerings like mocha or raspberry truffles, Laughing Moon has offerings for the more adventurous chocolate lover like Chamomile and Lavender Chevre, Bayley Hazen Blue Cheese, or Fennel. By the way, Laughing Moon offers a 3% discount when you pay with cash.

Laughing Moon Chocolates

78 S. Main St

PO Box 3214

Stowe,VT 05672

(802) 253-9591

Twice a year the Vermont Craft council organizes an Open Studio Weekend when the public can watch artists at work. However, if you are in the Stowe area, you don’t need to wait for a particular weekend; Ziemke Glassblowing Studio is open year round with live demonstrations. Glenn Ziemke’s studio is located on the Waterbury-Stowe Road. Attached to the studio is a store with an observation window that looks into the space in which he plies his trade. When we visited we, and a rapt audience, were able to watch him as he made a sugar bowl in a matter of minutes. Watching him, it’s easy to forget how difficult and dangerous glassblowing is. Glenn sells his work in the store and online—items available include lamps, pitcher and tumbler sets, creamer & sugar sets, jewelry, and decorative items.o

Ziemke Glassblowing Studio is well worth the visit

Ziemke Glassblowing Studio

3033 Waterbury-Stowe Rd

PO Box 327

Waterbury Ctr,VT 05677

(802) 244-6126

The benefit of visiting businesses with demonstrations is that you can ask questions and get a better appreciation of the process and the finished items. Get out there and explore. If you don’t know where to start, check out the events page on our website to learn about more about local happenings. 

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