Don’t Just Sell Your Home; Sell Your Town Too!

Don’t Just Sell Your Home; Sell Your Town Too!

What do you do for fun? In which local athletic events do your children take part? Where do you go for an evening walk? What is it about Waterbury, Stowe, Morristown, Elmore, Hyde Park, Johnson, Cambridge or any other Lamoille County community you may happen to live in that you fell in love with as a tourist, or growing up here?

It is natural for buyers to wonder why a house is on the market. Some might wonder, “What is wrong with it?” While you do want to disclose any structural issue that may exist (honesty is the best policy), you can also provide information that will be useful for buyers and that will enable them to envision living in your home and neighborhood.

Ask your Realtor to help you prepare a list of area activities and features of interest in your community. If you feel creative, prepare an attractive, one-page handout highlighting the most endearing aspects of your community or immediate neighborhood.

Provide useful information. For example, a good way to go about this would be to recommend two or three good places to eat or stay, point out the location of the nearest dog-friendly park or the nearest access to a bike path; mention the local theater and the best mechanic in town or the distance to the nearest city. Add a few words about your great neighbors and the local grocery store.

Voila! You have just added a personal touch that is not intrusive, but provides a welcoming gesture and acknowledges that you recognize that buying a home is more than just about the house; it is about embracing a new chapter in one’s life.

Your good recommendations could ease the day (and mood) of the busy couple who had thought they would squeeze in as much home viewing as they could, but are gently reminded to take a break and check in over a nice lunch, thanks to your kind recommendation.

At a more practical level, also consider offering a list of local area services. Your Realtor can assist with this as well. Knowing what services and utility providers are available and how to reach them, without having to dig this information out themselves, can assist buyers in making a decision.

You would not think of sending a guest to the basement without telling them where the switch is to light the way. Providing prospect buyers with a bit of information about what can be found beyond your property casts a brighter light on rhe meaning of “living here”.

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