Fishing Anyone?

Fishing Anyone?

The Internet often gives the illusion that exposure is a passive phenomenon. Using a website as a business or search tool is much like weaving an intricate fishing net. We hope to merely cast the net and pull in a fresh crop of information or clients. However, this lacks an ingredient.

If we continue with the image of the fishing endeavor, we might think that the missing ingredient is the lure. It is not. The missing ingredient is not a hook, it is a stretched out hand.

How does this affect your selling or buying plans and your internet exposure or search? Word of mouth comes to mind, but perhaps as important is the meeting of minds and ideas. Mingling affords the opportunity to make the real-life connections that improve the chances of reaching our goals. Stating your intentions may lead to your dream home more directly, it may cause a buyer to find your home on the internet, and it may invite suggestions for low-cost improvements that accelerate your chances of selling or a tip about the Real Estate office that can give you the best exposure.

Think of the last time you visited a specific website. How did you know to look this up? In many cases, people visit a specific website because it was recommended through word of mouth. Since I started off with a somewhat “Biblical” analogy, I might as well keep going. The phrase “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” seems appropriate. It is by sharing knowledge that we reap more knowledge. This is best accomplished with our real voice.

According to James Kimmons, A Real Estate Broker and consultant in Texas and New Mexico who works primarily with Internet buyers, “95% of all buyers said that they used the Internet to search for properties for sale.” Kathy Lamancusa, a Trend Strategist, has determined that the top three reasons people shop online in general also apply to home buyers. 60% shop online to save time, 47% to avoid driving around and 46% to find the lowest price.

There is something about the actual meeting of minds; an energy that technology cannot replicate. It is an uplifting energy, a sort of reminder that we are not the only fish in the pond and that, low and behold, all of us are pretty much swimming in the same direction, riding the wave of mutual support. In this sense, we might see website exposure as an area of the entire pond. When buyers, sellers and those who represent them also use their own voice to spread the word, our nets spread far from shore, reaching the catch that is otherwise hidden to the senses.



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