Fit For The Hills

Fit For The Hills

The Vermont spirit is very much grounded in a sense of community, industry and quality of life. Vermonters are creative, busy and industrious, but seasonal changes can affect our moods, energy and even our perspective. For those who happen to be in hot pursuit of a dream, the transition to fall and winter can cast a cold shadow on the enthusiasm of brighter days. It would be nice if our work schedules could change with the seasons, allowing us to rise and rest with the ebb and flow of dawn and dusk.

Here in the North Country, the anticipation of exhilarating days on the slopes or somewhere in the fresh air of the back country may require a bit of seasonal adjustment as well. I turned to local experts for ideas of strategies and asked them what sort of exercise or pampering might be especially suited to a change of season.

“Well,” a Topnotch Fitness Center expert enthusiastically responded, “Everyone at Topnotch Spa is getting very excited for ski season. Consequently, we have begun our Ski Conditioning classes on Mondays and Thursdays at 9am. This is a circuit class designed to challenge strength and balance and get those legs ready for a day on the slopes.” Great idea! I thought. Folks who attend probably avoid injury on the first days of skiing. It would be interesting to see statistics on the lower rate of injury of people who take the time to pre-condition their bodies.

For a good excuse to rise early and begin the day with a sense of gusto, West Branch Yoga, also on the Stowe Mountain Road, offers Wednesday and Friday morning Sunrise Ski & Board Prep Ashtanga. Ashtanga practice helps to protect the back and knees while strengthening and stretching muscles and warming joints used on the slopes. It helps develop flexible and strong muscles with stamina, strong and stable joints and a clear mind. If this is not exactly your pace, West Branch Yoga offers “different styles of Yoga for different styles of people”. After all, Yoga is a flexible art.

Just as different people have different temperaments, so do our bodies have different requirements. If you happen to be in the Morrisville area, and looking for an approach that is more suited to the business woman, Curves for Women offers a 30 minute workout to suit your hectic schedule. The ideal workout consists in weight bearing or strength training, cardiovascular and stretching exercises. Add to this a fun, fast and safe environment that meets women where they are no matter their age or physical ability and you have a good recipe for the added spark to brave the changing seasons. “This is preventative healthcare”, according to the Curves philosophy. Starting this month, Curves will be adding Zumba to their workouts several times a week, just in time for their “Shake It Up” campaign.

At the other end of the day, when the sun bids you goodnight long before you are ready to give up on your activities or journey down the slope one last time, you must eventually give in nonetheless. How does a Deep Tissue or Therapeutic Sports Massage with healing synergy oils or assisted stretching sound? This and many other regal treatments are available at the Stoweflake Spa.

According to Attorney General Office statistics, nearly 40 million people belong to more than 26,000 health clubs in the United States. Next to the proximity of schools and work, the proximity of health facilities and outdoor activities is one of the main concerns of individuals who are considering a move to a new neighborhood and it is one of the main criteria for individuals who choose to move within their current locale.

Xander just walked in with a spontaneous announcement I thought was a fitting conclusion this article: “Good skiing winter ahead!” Now that’s the spirit.

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