For Sale: House in a Blanket

For Sale: House in a Blanket

Who says it is better to sell on warm and sunny days?

New England is the realm of four seasons. As much as we might complain on a day like today, when upon casting one load of snow off the shovel the same amount has already covered the ground, we love our northern hemisphere winters.

There is something about gently falling snow that reminds us to slow down, listen with fresh ears and look with new eyes. We can raise an eyebrow and raise our voices, but we cannot deny the inherent beauty of a Vermont home nestled in rolling waves of crystalline snow.

It calls us to the hearth, the slopes and trails, a warm café au lait cradled in cool fingers, a snow fight with the aging dog who suddenly bounces like a pup and perhaps even a day off from work with nothing pressing to accomplish. The snow takes its time.

Showing a home in winter may require a bit more work, but it also brings people together in an atmosphere of warmth. There is something to be said about shoveling the walk and getting everything just right. The act of creating a welcoming environment is satisfying. We are social creatures after all.

Snow falls lightly as I write these few lines and it seems details are not necessary on a day like today; rather, it is a day for images. For Sale, snow and winter zest included.

Smith Falls Lane – Stowe

Mill Street – Cambridge

Elmore Pond Road – Elmore

Knowles Flat Road – Eden

Acorn Drive – Waterbury

Stowe Mountain Lodge

Darling Road – Berlin

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