For Sale – Snow Castle

For Sale – Snow Castle

In New England, we are blessed with four distinct seasons. Though we are used to this, for some reason we often imagine the home selling strategy must involve warm days with green or orange rustling leaves and bright sunshine. For home buyers who travel to this area to enjoy winter activities, a perfect day may very well include a morning blizzard and the exhilarating ritual of coming in almost frostbitten to hold a warm cup of hot chocolate.

Think you should not try to sell your home in Winter? Waiting until spring may be a missed opportunity for you to find your buyer and for an enthusiastic and ready buyer to get to visit their dream home during their favorite season. Here is what Catherine Condon, a broker in Massachusetts and New Hampshire has to say:

“I find that serious, well qualified buyers look at housing year round…You may get less showings but the folks viewing your home are likely serious, well qualified buyers, who want to move now.” Winter adds a touch of urgency to the selling and buying process. This is equally good for sellers and buyers.

Catherine Condon also makes this observation, “Perhaps you own a young home and you’ve been competing against aggressively priced new construction. During the winter months, unless the foundation has already been poured, construction of a new home is quite difficult.  Your young home now looks mighty attractive for someone who needs to move now!”

Remember, this is big ski country and visitors from around the world return here year after year to enjoy their winter vacation. Many dream of having a place to call their own just a few minutes from the slopes.

Yes, there are plenty of people out there who look forward to the snow and slush and cold and blizzards. While you long for summer gatherings on the dock, they can (and will, quite effortlessly) picture brisk, early mornings in your kitchen having a good breakfast before hitting the slopes.

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