By the time you manage to pronounce this, you might have forgotten that it is Friday the 13th… if you feel you need to forget, that is.

Friggatriskaidekaphobia: From Frigga, Norse goddess associated with Friday and triskaidekaphobia, fear of the number 13. There is at least one, but no more than three, Friday the 13ths in any given year.

Historically, Friday is the most common day for closing Real Estate transactions. This phenomenon attracted the attention of a Hartford, CT Real Estate agency and lead to this article on their Blog.

Source: Greater Hartford Real Estate Blog (shortened) – Originally published July 22, 2010.

The other day, we noted that we both have closings scheduled for mid August. Closing in the middle of the month is pretty common, but we discovered that our two deals have something in common. Neither us, nor our clients, wanted to close on Friday the 13th.


Friday is the most common day for real estate closings in Hartford County. In looking at data for over 30,000 single-family and condo closings since the beginning of 2007, there are more than twice as many closings on Friday as any other day of the week. The reason we often hear for a preferred Friday closing is so that people have time to move in over the weekend before returning back to work on Monday.


Are we the only agents with an aversion to Friday the 13? No, no we’re not.

In weeks that contain a Friday the 13th (red bars below), there is a noticeable decrease in the number of Friday closings. Clearly not everyone is afraid of the day, but there are others who would prefer not to risk it. The chart shows that many buyers choose to close on Thursday the 12th, while some push it out to Monday the 16th.

We expected there to be more of an aversion to Friday the 13th closings than the data shows. Especially since many of the agents we know are mildly superstitious (no sense putting clients at risk of bad karma/energy/whatever). Maybe people don’t realize that the closings they schedule on a 13th are also on a Friday. Or maybe they’re too embarrassed to admit their phobia. Or maybe we’re just a little too sensitive to this sort of thing.

I was curious and explored our own data. There was a Friday the 13th on four occasions between August 13, 2008 and today and only one of our closings happened to fall on that day. Coincidence? We’ll never know.

Closing on a new home or finally selling a home you have outgrown is an event that is rich with emotion and a sense of hope. So go ahead and close on a Friday the 13th if that so happens to be the date everyone can come to the table. Dare to shred any doubt or superstition or even any memory of a Friday the 13th that did live up to its reputation in the past. This new beginning is the perfect opportunity to change course with style.

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