Fuel Your Home Search

Fuel Your Home Search



We are a few hours away from a great three-day weekend. Perhaps you have planned a family activity or you might take advantage of the extra time to finally visit the houses you have had your eye on for a while. You’ve already jotted down the Realtor’s name and phone number, you know what you are looking for and these simply seem to have the right energy. Do you?

It has long been established that carbohydrates improve alertness while sugars do the opposite. When home shopping, we tend to focus on financial parameters and a mental list of preferences. Fuel your day and ensure clear thinking with a hearty, well-balanced meal prior to embarking on a home shopping tour. If you bring a snack, think about feeding your brain good quality carbs so it can keep track and keep you on alert for just the right questions and observations.

Real Estate agents share similar concerns when showing property. They often receive spur of the moment calls and must be ready and alert in order to properly represent sellers and also be fully present to the needs of potential buyers. I have asked our agents how they keep their energy flowing on the road and whether this meant healthy food choices. Perhaps their suggestions will sound pleasing to your taste buds as much as they did for mine. They also shared their good ideas of places to find the perfect snack while visiting homes in this area.

Barbara Leswing & Bob McLeod have a favorite “pick-me-up” food for all seasons: A good cup of soup. As a matter of fact, Bob has become quite famous at the Harvest Market, Mac’s or the Green Goddess for his customary two-soup mix request. On most days, however, Barbara plans ahead by bringing in her own mid-day sustenance made up of delicious bites from the previous night’s dinner. From what I have seen, she seems to be a fabulous cook. Maybe I could convince her to have her own column about the fine art of eating well on the go!

Chuck Heingartner and Susan O’Rourke agree on smoothies. Chuck admits that he also likes an occasional cheese burger and dessert, like everyone else, but feels balance is important. Meanwhile, Sharon Bateman and Lisa Grady, appear to share my grazing tendencies. Their favorite on-the-go picks: Grapes, power bars, cut up celery and carrots in a baggie and water. As for Xander, it is not rare for him to make a daily trip to Edelweiss to pick up his favorite chicken salad wrap.

Finally, I heard from Bidi Wheelwright, who announced with the usual, charming English humor in her voice: “Low fat Cottage cheese and a piece of fruit… and don’t forget the spoon. Keep one handy in your car!”

Home shopping can be a rather emotional and mental exercise. Make sure you begin with the right fuel. Better yet, turn your home shopping experience into a pleasant road trip. What do you do when you go on a road trip? Why, bring snacks of course. That’s half the fun!

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