Giving Voice

Giving Voice

There is a reason consumer reports and customer feedback have so much power to affect the success of a business, and there is a reason social media work so well. These give voice to entrepreneurs, and voice has a frequency that resonates with values and has the power to multiply the message.

Think of the party game where one person speaks a phrase in the next person’s ear. The phrase is repeated until it is finally announced again out loud, revealing a completely transformed message. This is what we get when word of mouth is not consistent with advertising. When word of mouth consistently reflects good business ethics, good values, good product and customer satisfaction, the message is clear.

When we stop seeing the world in terms of a competition and begin to see it in terms of synergy, we also begin to understand that we must stand up for each other. Mechanic Bob Hinshaw, of Bob’s Repair, Jeffersonville, puts it this way. When someone says, “You’re a mechanic! Where is your shop? Maybe you can do my next oil change.” His response is always the same: “Are you happy with your current mechanic? If you are, stay there. Don’t take business away from him if you do not have a valid reason.”

Clearly, he understands that mutual support is far more important than competition. It is important because allowing room for others to grow creates an environment where industry and entrepreneurship are welcome, and this is good for everyone.

What does this have to do with Real Estate? Everything.

Buying a house is also buying into an entire community. When you sell a house, you are selling all the quirks and perks that come with it. Employers who act with integrity in providing local jobs, and contribute to the local economy with quality product or services, are definitely a perk.

This Blog, any Blog for that matter, is a voice. It can best convey what it means to live in this part of Vermont by acknowledging those who do business here, the values that drive their activities and the ways in which they enrich our communities. This voice is a token of gratitude.

I invite you to read about local entrepreneurs and businesses by visiting the “Local Scene” category on this Blog.

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