Golf, Breakfast in Bed & Swimming in December

Golf, Breakfast in Bed & Swimming in December

“I’ve been vacationing in Stowe for 15 years. I will probably retire here,” comments a recent visitor. “This trip, I decided to try a different place. Maybe I’ll find that diamond in the rough. Big mistake! I went back to Sun & Ski. It is the diamond I was looking for.”

“Outgoing! I say outgoing because if there is something they can do to make your stay better, they will. Excellent service!” exclaims another visitor.

Visitors who venture to the Stowe area in pursuit of their next residence or vacation getaway pour a lot of energy in their endeavor. It is easy to forget two elements that are truly crucial to the journey and its outcome: leisure and rest.

It is not so much our journey that transforms us, as how we experience it. We can choose the surroundings and activities that will enhance the experience, add something new to it and provide the right touch to keep our spirits soaring high no matter what mission captures our attention at the moment.

Imagine the 3-day conference or house-hunting tour interspersed with quiet laps in a glass-enclosed swimming pool with a roof that opens to the stars, even in winter. Imagine beginning the day a wee bit later one morning, to savor breakfast in bed. Imagine a sunny afternoon in a beautifully landscaped, professionally designed miniature golf course, at your door; in the nick of time for much needed (and well deserved) play and distraction.

Now, imagine retiring to your Riverside Room, Loft Suite, Rental House or Condo at the end of the day. You fix a light cocktail and step out to the comfy Adirondack chairs by the river to discuss, ponder and review the day. The air is mild. Children laugh nearby, in unison with the chants of the river and gently swaying trees. Perhaps you think, “This is so different from home.” Yet it feels just like home.

Many readers and frequent Stowe Area visitors will have recognized the Sun & Ski Inn & Suites, located on the Mountain Road, about mid-way between Stowe Village and the ski slopes. You may have driven by the attractive property, bordered by its very own Stowe Golf Park. Were you thinking, “I must try this some day?” Yes, you must.

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