Good Day for an Open House!

Good Day for an Open House!

Real Estate agents from different offices, and even those within the same office, may compete for the market at some level, but in reality they work together more than you might imagine. Whether representing a buyer or seller, they are bound by the same rules of ethics. The most important of these is their commitment to serve the best interest of their clients. This requires a pro-active strategy.

Holding a broker Open House is one of the strategies your selling agent may use to work on your behalf, whenever possible, appropriate and agreeable to you. It can improve your chances of finding a good buyer for your home, considerably. I asked some of our agents why this is a good marketing strategy. As usual, their responses were unanimous.

Bob McLeod, who is a very practical man, indicated that an Open House provides a “dry run” on directions so that agents who might want to show your property to potential buyers can avoid confusion in the future. Most importantly, however, Bob adds that “an Open House invites insight from other agents regarding appropriate pricing or improvements that sellers might consider”.

Lisa Grady and Penny Mason-Anderson agree. Acquiring feedback from other brokers is a key strategy for fine-tuning the marketing of a property. Chuck Heingartner had this to say: “An open house lets agents see the property with their own eyes.”

Data Sheet text and photos posted on the Multiple Listing Service do not tell the whole story. The atmosphere of a house or property is something very tangible that speaks to the senses. Though agents are trained, prepared professionals, they too like to “feel the house”, as a potential buyer might, in order to convey it with all the detail and energy it deserves.

Real Estate agents from around the region hold and attend Open Houses on a weekly basis. They typically return bright-eyed, with a real taste of what this of that charming home felt like. Listening to them, one gets more than floor plan or square footage detail. They have the ability to describe a home, not just a house.

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