Green Real Estate

Green Real Estate

Several European contractors already apply the Low-Impact Building Regulations that will be mandatory in 2012. In fact, many exceed the future requirements. Builders and Buyer Agents actively seek “Green Certification”, stating that, “This certification materializes our commitment to voluntary environmental logistics. It also demonstrates our sense of responsibility.” Green Real Estate is not merely an ideal; it is an accepted and growing practice.

In Canada, the focus has shifted to Green Agents. The Quebec Federation of Real Estate Agents (Fédération des Chambres Immobilières du Québec) has launched a Green Certification. This provides agents with the necessary knowledge to expertly inform their clients regarding environmental factors pertaining to land and properties. According to the FCIQ, “The Green Agent will learn Real Estate Environmental Law and should have the ability to identify local ecosystems”. This Certification was developed as part of an ongoing commitment to quality of life for Canadian communities.

In the spring of 2008, The National Association of Realtors, The Green REsource Council and NAR’s Green Designation were established by the Real Estate Buyer’s Agent Council, “In response to the increased interest by Real Estate buyers, Sellers and practitioners to go green”. According to The Green Resource Council, “Almost 1,300 students and over 100 instructors completed the Core Course in its first few months, and over 1,100 individuals have been awarded NAR’s Green Designation and membership to the Green REsource Council”. The green Resource Council is also involved in the development of a “Green” MLS system, offering data fields to specify green features and certifications. “This will help agents search for sustainable homes and properties, and allows builders and sellers to market their green endeavors”.

Kerry Mitchell, founder and course developer for Green Real Estate Education, states that, “Thanks to the media — through newspapers, websites and TV — education for consumers is being offered. The days of accepting a piece of Real Estate with the risks of unhealthy indoor air quality are becoming fewer as consumers become educated”… “Buyers are asking about more energy-efficient product and systems in properties. Energy Star from EPA and the Department of Energy initiatives are helping consumers realize the tax incentives available to them”.

Professionals in the Real Estate industry are better educated and better equipped than ever to anticipate and address their clients’ concerns and values. They are becoming leaders in the Green Revolution.

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