Haute Cuisine!

Haute Cuisine!

Ha! The modern kitchen! It is island and oasis, chef’s sacred corner, round-table sanctuary and headquarters. In the Real Estate business, we say, “Location, location, location”. We could just as well say, “Kitchen, kitchen, kitchen.”

The kitchen is perhaps the room most associated with welcoming the day, where we share breakfast with the first sights of light and shadow. It is the place where, as a set director sitting high in his chair, we gaze out the window to expanding horizons beyond the enclosure of the room, imagining the day and the life we build out of our days. Can you picture it? For example…

Imagine a Charming Native Log Home in a private setting… with a warm atmosphere to embrace you in the morning.

Imagine Country Elegance on nearly 7 acres … and spacious rooms awash in sunlight.

Imagine a spacious, Welcoming Kitchen Nook… and fishing and canoing at your doorstep.

Imagine All The Possibilities for warm mornings, grand gatherings or solitary moments of contemplation in a space that is truly yours.

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