Local Scene – The Heartbeat of Lamoille County

Local Scene – The Heartbeat of Lamoille County

Morristown by Jack Irwin Liberman

Morristown is the only town in Lamoille County with consistent yearly population growth since its creation. Original residents had moved from New York State, Massachusetts and St. Regis, brining to Morristown the flavor of their individual cultural backgrounds and architectural styles. Additionally, the railroad greatly contributed to the successful development and growth of Morristown. By 1795, there were enough inhabitants to establish the first tavern, school and church.

Governor Thomas Chittenden issued the Morristown charter on August 24, 1781, about nine months after the General Assembly of the Independent Republic of Vermont had granted Dr. Moses Morse his petition to establish a land grant in the north central part of the state. The name “Morrisville” is an adaptation some say seemed easier to pronounce than the original name, “Morsestown”.

In addition to being the backdrop to a wide variety of annual events such as craft shows, harvest festivals, antique and art exhibits, parades and sporting events, Morristown provides easy access to such activities as hiking, skiing, biking, boating, soaring, horse back riding and walking.

Thanks to the innovative spirit and talent of its residents, artists, restaurateurs and long-established and recognized business owners, Morristown is often considered “The Heartbeat of Lamoille County”. It offers a rich environment for business owners, and for families that favor a peaceful rural lifestyle, with all the amenities of modern life: Cultural activities, services and outdoor activities, access to conference centers and lodging facilities for all tastes and wallets, ranging from high-end resorts to adorable Bed & Breakfast Inns and riverside campgrounds.

Morristown is also home to reputable schools, providing complete, quality education from kindergarten to college and is home to Copley Hospital and a wide spectrum of health care services ranging from conventional medicine to all disciplines of holistic health. Surrounding towns include Stowe (home of Vermont’s highest mountain, Mount Mansfield), Smugglers Notch, Johnson (home of Johnson State College) and Jeffersonville (home of the Mary Bryan Memorial Gallery).

The city-minded person will enjoy life in the village of Morrisville, at the heart of Morristown. The homesteader at heart will find ample opportunity for indulging their fancies in the surrounding rural areas, while still enjoying proximity to essential amenities and services, and much more.

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