House Hunting? Get Sidetracked.

House Hunting? Get Sidetracked.

Your tour begins at the first home you have selected for viewing. Perhaps it is a Classic, 3-bedroom Colonial, a stone-throw away from beautiful Lake Elmore. You’ve always wanted to be near a body of water, but not too big. The over-sized family room is perfect for your family and the modern kitchen was a refreshing sight.

You are delighted with what you have seen so far. The day is young and there is time to ponder. Thankfully, you planned for some down time and much to the joy of the children, you are on your way to Stowe to rent 4 bicycles and enjoy a bit of conversation and leisurely ride on the recreation path. This was clever strategic planning on your part, since it will offer the children a different perspective on their future community.

It is time to stop for lunch and make your way toward the next home viewing appointment, an inviting family residence, situated perfectly for easy access to the ski slopes in winter. The children will be taking lessons this year. It is also near Stowe village, yet very private, with a well-sized lawn and pretty gardens. What caught your attention, when you found this property during your online search, was the kitchen counter, lined up with stools, for breakfast on top of the world. You’ve always pictured yourself grabbing a bite at the counter, with your morning paper, before heading out to work or for a morning hike.

You now have two homes to consider. Everyone is excited about some of the same features and some different ones. These things cannot be rushed and this is the perfect opportunity to create a memorable journey. Up the mountain to the Gondola you go. The ride above will offer the perfect venue for discussion and the view will reveal the vast kingdom of what might become your new neighborhood. There is one more home to see tomorrow and a whole afternoon after this, to review each tour.

Morning has arrived; you share a hearty breakfast. Your conversation is agitated, in a good, creative sort of way. The next home on your list looks just like the cape your parents used to own. Its location is very convenient, between Stowe and Morristown. You’ve read that one of its nearest neighbors consists of 30 acres of preserved land and it also has a Screened gazebo. You could easily imagine them living here when you first read about this home.

The afternoon is sunny, but not too warm. You have time to indulge in one more activity to take advantage of your time together before returning to the daily routine. After the ground-level perspective on the bike path and the birds’ eye view from the gondola, exploring the surroundings by way of water is the logical next thing, don’t you think? You rent a canoe. When you live here, you think, you will buy your own canoe. It will be bright red and you will name it Journey.

What do you get when you mix a house hunting tour with a bicycle, canoe and gondola ride, or any of the exhilarating outdoor activities you can find in Lamoille County? The perfect combination of purpose, leisure and perspective.

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