Housewarming Bites ~ Part 1

Housewarming Bites ~ Part 1,_lime,_apple,_and_orange_served_in_a_glass_-_Evan_Swigart.jpg

Whether you are moving to a new neighborhood, or merely a few blocks from your current location, beginning a new slice of life in a new home is exhilarating. It can fill you with a sense of hope and vision for the future. With eyes wide open, you take in each room and envision the possibilities. You can almost taste the colors and styles that will fit this environment to perfection. All your senses are on alert.

This is the perfect occasion to discover or rediscover local delicacies by making them a part of your new beginnings. When you are ready to invite a few friends to a housewarming celebration, do it with style and a local feast. This is the first in a series of three articles. Today, we explore local beers, wines and beverage ideas.

I asked Rock Art Brewery and Boyden Valley Winery which one of their products might lend itself perfectly to a housewarming party. Here is what they had to say:

“You can’t go wrong with Ridge Runner or even better a Variety 12-pack”, announced Rock Art Brewery, a Morrisville-based company. “If they live near us, a fresh growler is a great gift as well with a couple of pint glasses. They can bring the growler back anytime for a great deal on fresh refills!” The Ridge Runner is “Robust, dark and smooth, brewed with pale, dark crystal, Munich, flaked barley, black and chocolate malts.” Did you say chocolate malts? That must be quite an experience for the taste buds indeed!

Boyden Valley Winery, of Cambridge, produces a unique variety of fruit wines that accompany hors d’oeuvres as perfectly as full meals. They responded to my inquiry without hesitation: “Big Barn Red… Cheers!” Here is how they further describe this delightful wine: “Just as the name captures the most dynamic imagery the Vermont landscape has to offer, the wine itself captures the most intense characteristics of the landscape. Made from Frontenac grapes, resilient enough to stand up to the cold, Big Barn Red is a bold, well balanced wine similar to a Bordeaux with high tannin and overtones of black raspberries and black currant.”

Imagine gathering around a table full of fresh produce and cheeses straight from a local farmers market. The colors and aromas are so uplifting. Invite some friends to join you early and begin lively conversation as you prepare smoothies and fresh-pressed juices for the upcoming party. There is nothing like visiting one of our local farm stands and farmers markets as a part of your home-coming ritual. For example, Stowe Farmers’ Market runs every Sunday, from Mid-May to Mid-October.

Now that we have set the stage with refined and refreshing beverages, I will hunt down easy bites to complete the feast for a tasteful housewarming gathering. Check back for more ideas. Bon appétit!

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