Housewarming Bites – Part 2

Housewarming Bites – Part 2

In Part I of this 3-article series, we talked about beverages that might accompany your gathering as you celebrate the acquisition of a new home. Today, let’s discover some tasty local bites, shall we?

Gracie’s Restaurant, in Stowe, knew exactly what bites to recommend. In fact, my request for ideas also caught the attention of one of their Facebook fans who promptly confirmed Gracie’s selection, their Individual BBQ Ribs and mini crab cakes. “Always a great crowd pleaser”, according to Gracie’s. This was promptly confirmed by this comment: “Ribs & crab cakes are the best!” Gracie’s added an invitation to email for a more extensive list. Good idea.

We are fortunate to live in an area where award-winning (and award-worthy) restaurants and food artisans abound. All can contribute to bringing a true feast to your table. The possibilities are limitless. For instance, Sweet Crunch Bakeshop & Catering Co, in Hyde Park, had these recommendations: “Vermont Maple Cookies are a must at any event. For savory food, you can never go wrong with good local VT Cheeses.” On a more practical note, Sweet Crunch adds, “I also recommend that you choose foods that can be enjoyed without a fork… VT Maple Sausage stuffed mushrooms or roasted pork tenderloin on a cheddar biscuit”, for example.

Of course, whether you serve appetizers or a full meal, it would certainly not be complete without bread and Elmore Mountain Bread’s Rosemary Olive Oil loaf would be a good addition to the suggestions we have seen so far. It is “An Italian-style round loaf, slightly softer with extra virgin olive oil and bursting with that wonderful rosemary aroma.” I like the use of the word “bursting” in this description, as though the bursting aroma of Rosemary might have the power to boldly surprise you with unforgettable flavor. I am certain it does.

Finally, we travel back to Stowe for the truly sweet tooth, for a bite from Laughing Moon Chocolates. After all, you want to make sure your table offers flavors to please every guest and make your celebration colorful and memorable. My personal pick for this occasion: Honey Preserved Organic Orange Slices. “These very special organic orange slices are house preserved in Vermont wildflower honey and half-dipped in chocolate”, explains Laughing Moon on their website. “We use honey from Honey Gardens of Vermont. They are amazing, fresh and yummy.” That says it all!

I don’t know about you, but I think I might have to make up a reason to try all of these mouth watering bites. Incidentally, I hope these few recommendations provide good food for thought not only for home buyers trying to plan a celebratory feast, but perhaps also for friends and family who might come together to plan this feast as a gift.

Speaking of gifts, the next and final article in this series will look at gift ideas for the new home. But just a bit more research first and perhaps also a wee detour for a taste of the few bites I have discovered so far.

Bon Appétit!

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