In The News – Holding Pattern

In The News – Holding Pattern

Two words, “Holding Pattern”. They bring to mind a sense of suspension in time and suspension in activity.

Vermonters with their homes already on the market, and some who had simply begun to contemplate selling, woke up to this two-word headline on their Sunday morning Burlington Free Press. Imagine the temptation to fling the paper toward the curb, walk back inside the house and create enough distraction throughout the day to not think about this too much.

For those who get their news online, the headline was a bit more elaborate: “Vermont Housing Market Stuck in a Holding Patter.” Not only holding, stuck!

Headlines speak to the emotions first, the intellect second. When they contain words that evoke powerful images, such as “stuck”, “holding” or “pattern”, they can become as powerful as a personally addressed message. Instead of simply stating an idea that is then further explored by the writer, they sound like: “Hey! Michael Smith. Hey! Loretta Woods! Yes, you, with the 3-bedroom cape for sale… just writing to let you know that you are stuck in a holding pattern.”

Step back. Do not throw the paper to the curb. This is not a personal message. It is, however, an invitation to delve into the bits and pieces of information that will instruct your decisions and make you aware of certain, not all, circumstances that affect your world at this time; only at this time.

A holding pattern does not just appear. It requires momentum and movement; the same movement that continues to sway circumstances, ever so slightly but surely, in and out of “patterns” all the time. If there were no pattern, there would be no change, and vice versa.

Have you read the Burlington Free Press article? It offers the perspectives of experts, who study and observe aspects of our economy many of us might not necessarily comprehend, or seek out, on our own.

A dramatic headline is not a personal message; it is an invitation to indulge your curiosity. “Hey, Michael Smith, here is some information about the current Real Estate market. I thought you might be interested. Please remember that while this is a difficult market, it is still in motion. Just thought you’d appreciate a more global view, that’s all. Enjoy your coffee and morning paper.”

The Burlington Free Press article quotes Maura Collins, policy and planning manager for the Vermont Housing Finance Authority. She makes a very important observation when she says, “What’s coming down the pike scares us because we’ve seen the importance of the real estate market to the rest of the economy.”

Fear. Another powerful word. We do not know for sure what is coming down the pike. All we know is what we remember the ups and downs of the economy over recent years. With this knowledge, we are better equipped to seek out new patterns.

Click HERE to read the full Burlington Free Press Article

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