In The News – Townpool

In The News – Townpool

A recent Stowe Reporter article introduces a rather exciting concept for local merchants, visitors and residents. Indeed, Stowe Today, the Web version of the Stowe Reporter, and Townpool have teamed up to offer daily discounts on local services and products.

“Starting Feb. 16,” the article informs us, “Visitors to StoweToday will be able to sign up to receive daily e-mails containing discounts — usually 50 percent off — everything from dinner at the Blue Moon Restaurant and Hen of the Wood to spa services at Salon Salon and Salon 4 Men.

We hear a lot about buying local and most of the time we do, but there are always little gems and delights we do not encounter, even in our own community, simply because the daily grind takes us along other paths or there simply is not enough time.

If you are like me, you might have adopted a few specific locations and made them part of a routine, picking up gifts or lunch there whenever the need arises. We are creatures of habit. The Townpool concept is a playful way to get the extra nudge to reach beyond our habitual territory and not only discover local merchants but also support them.

“Townpool started on Nantucket last summer,” the article points out, adding that it “brought new customers to Nantucket’s businesses.” What is good for local business is surely good for local economy, residents and visitors. And while the StoweToday/Townpool partnership is a way for local businesses to promote themselves at no cost, it is also a way to generate a lot of good, for part of the proceeds go to local charities.

Maria Archangelo, associate publisher at the Stowe Reporter, is thrilled with this partnership. “Their innovation and enthusiasm for the daily deals program, and their knowledge of social media marketing make them a perfect partner for the Stowe Reporter and its customers,” she says.

For someone discovering this area and for long-time residents hoping to be inspired by new foods, products and ideas, the daily discount offer is like an invitation. It introduces a new artisan, restaurateur or service to include on the way through, in an ever expanding and surely delightful treasure hunt.

“The habit of giving only enhances the desire to give,” said Walt Whitman. These words capture the spirit of this endeavor and the generosity and support that exists in Vermont amongst merchants and their customers.

Sign up at and I just did, it is a very simple process. You can even recommend a town and a cause!


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