1580–90; Adjective: Incapable of being tired out; not yielding to fatigue; untiring, inexhaustible, persevering.

How often do you hear or use this word? If you happened to sit through our weekly staff meetings, you might hear it often enough to imprint a rhythmic pattern on your mind, as a sort of gentle drum relentlessly marking the beat of the mantra du jour.

Our mantra actually consists of two other very important words: Trusted Advisor. Our cheerleader is none other than Pall Spera himself, reminding his team of its duty to serve clients with absolute focus and an open mind. So what does it mean to be an “Indefatigable Trusted Advisor”?

In a previous article, I referred to the significance of identifying your own blueprint, that is, the blueprint of your own needs and desires rather than and prior to designing a blueprint for your dream home. Precisely, as a Trusted Advisor, it is your Real Estate agent’s duty to help you identify these needs. To accomplish this, he or she must have the indefatigable ability to listen and place your best interests at the forefront of the buying or selling process and at the forefront of the entire transaction, all the way to the glorious finish line.

A Trusted Advisor must lead the way; indeed, seek out the information and tools that will pave the way in the most supportive manner. The Trusted Advisor is a servant. This requires hard work, an open mind and the willingness to keep learning. The Trusted Advisor must be an expert, and expertise is never a finite product; it is an ever expanding sharpening of knowledge.

We had a staff meeting this morning. Pall Spera typically speaks last, respectfully giving voice to team members who are present around the table. Finally, within moments of standing to address his staff, the usual mantra resonated and lingered: “We must be Trusted Advisors; Indefatigable Trusted Advisors.” I smiled.

It is said that when people repeat themselves it is not necessarily because they forgot what they just said. Often, it is because what is being said is very important and echo is required in order to strike the cord that sounds the sharpest note.

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