It Could Work, If Only…

It Could Work, If Only…

You have the most impeccable credit history. Your finances are in good order. You were pre-approved even before you finished filling out the pre-approval paperwork. You’ve enlisted the assistance of the best Realtor. You have approached your home search with diligence and intelligence; there is no doubt about that. So don’t play head games with your gut!

I had a dream last night, about touring a home. Picture this…

The tour began as I soared over the land, discovering every hill and valley that led to a beautiful home, as though the entire world were anchored at its front door. The sky was clear; the land green and luscious, refreshing somehow. It does not matter that I was soaring without the assistance of a plane, mind you. Remember, this was a dream. But I digress.

From the outside, the house looked impressive, especially from above. The tour began in a gigantic living room. Moments after I entered, preceded by my Realtor, a knock at the door revealed a bus-load of home buyers. They swarmed the place, much like tourists who feel rushed to see everything, lest the bus leave without them. We sat on the couch, the only piece of furniture in the entire house, stupefied.

Moments later, my Realtor and I entered a room with poorly applied sheet-rock (it is an art, you know), no windows and a switch box on the wall. We flipped switches, curious to see what might happen. Each switch either turned on a cold breeze, or turned it off. We moved on, unimpressed, though wondering where the breeze actually came from. The next room was a giant, elongated bathroom with a huge tub at its far, very far end. The rim was so high that it reached shoulder height. The tub was filled with bubbling water. It all seemed grand, too grand, and utterly pointless. And to think that we flew such distances over such beautiful country!

Back to reality. Your desire to acquire a new home springs from a powerful, multi-layered dream. Your vision is so clear, your desire so earnest, that you may begin to see it even when it is not there.

There is a wide difference between discovering the fixer-upper that has the right feel and real potential, and settling for less. You may catch yourself mentally redesigning an entire house to match your dream. Precisely; catch yourself. You are playing head games with your gut. Only you can determine whether you are rationalizing or truly inspired. Settling for less will not ignite your creativity; it will only send you on a rationalizing spiral and leave you empty.

Ha! But you are not alone in your dream world. When you stand in the middle of the kitchen that could match your dream; if only it were facing south instead of north; if only it had adequate plumbing; if only the floor were level; if only it had a window… your Realtor can reach out and flip the switch that returns your attention to your real dream.

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