It’s Hotter Than…

It’s Hotter Than…

It’s a hotter than a night in Vegas with a side of Habanero sauce! If you happen to be the green-inclined, air-conditioning bashing type, that is pretty hot indeed.

Over the past several days, I have tried every possible strategy to take full and successful advantage of portable fans to ensure my feline daughter and canine son were not too toasty while mom is at work. Since we are mentioning animals, let us not overlook the fact that this stubborn Aries believed that blowing air in from two opposite sides of her small house would do the trick and no one could prove her wrong. Wrong!

The best strategy, according to energy efficiency experts, involves placing a fan in a window on the coolest side of the house, to pull cool air from the outside, while the hotter inside air is pushed out through open windows on the warmer side of the home. Notice that it is important to select windows on the cooler or most shaded side of the house from which to blow air in, while pushing air out on the hotter side. In multi-story houses, pull air in from a lower-level window and push air out on the second floor.

The air movement from a ceiling fan can decrease indoor temperatures by 4º-5ºF. Adding strategically placed portable fans can transform a suffocating environment into a pleasant and safe one at a fraction of the cost and energy usage of air conditioning.



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