Knock! Knock!

Knock! Knock!

I recently heard a fascinating interview with young people who had left their homes to pursue career training or volunteer endeavors. Most were barely 20 years old. Some were younger. When asked how they managed to secure shelter and the necessities of daily living, their answers were astonishing.

One young woman had purchased a condominium. “How could you afford that?” asked the radio host, “At your young age, with perhaps no credit history to speak of?” The young woman confidently announced that she had simply been clear about what she sought to accomplish and started knocking on doors, asking to meet with loan officers at various banking institutions, until she found someone who could understand her goals and vision and work with her. It did not take long. The third bank she visited helped her plan her strategy and gave her a very interesting rate. Her good references and the evidence of genuine and proactive career goals played in her favor, she explained.

Experience with Real Estate investment has to begin somewhere. All it takes is a first trip to a bank or mortgage broker. All it takes is the desire to change current circumstances and a list of questions. Answers lead to new questions, paving the way to increased knowledge and greater wisdom. When a door closes, we need not just stand there. We must turn around, start walking and knock on the next door.

If you are a first-time homebuyer, you may suddenly feel like a stranger in your own land. Your daily routine has brought many faces into your life; the corner store manager, the school principal, the soccer coach and perhaps a bank teller or two, but meeting a lending officer is a big deal. You must reveal private information and you may feel uncomfortable about your financial status. Think of it this way: If you manage to keep a roof over your head now, and purchase the supplies and nourishment you need to live month after month, becoming a homeowner is truly a variation on an already rather well established theme.

Often, it is not so much a matter of finances as a matter of lifestyle, personal priorities and goals. It never hurts to investigate the possibilities so that, when the time comes, you have that little extra edge of confidence and a better appreciation for what lies ahead. You never know. Sometimes, the mere revelation that you can attain something you had believed was out of reach, suddenly opens many doors. A worthwhile journey usually leads to the right destination.

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