Living on The Edge

Living on The Edge

(Sidewalk Art)

If you have read today’s Blog post by KMC, posted earlier on our Facebook Wall, you might understand how I feel when I gather information pertaining to the state of the market. Every time, I have to make a choice. How do I highlight the positive without ignoring the negative?

To answer this question, I must ask another one: With whom am I speaking?

Let us use an analogy. Let us say there is a huge hole in the middle of the road and it is not going to be fixed anytime soon. Or, it is fixed, but only temporarily because the means of doing this are not optimal. The Jones live across the street from the store where they get most of their food and supplies. To get there, they must cross the road, but there is a giant hole in the road, and a lot of very sticky mud on either side.

As the observer who happens to write in “Our Little Town”, the local publication, I can hardly avoid talking about the hole. I can approach this from various angles, including focusing on how much this hole affects local businesses; how it is not a good idea to think about moving here because there is a huge hole in the middle of town, preventing anyone from getting anywhere without risking a fall or risking wasting time and being consistently late.

I could measure the hole each day and provide an ongoing analysis of its deepening depth. I could interview town residents and ask in how many ways this less than desirable feature has had a negative impact on their lives. Or, I could ask myself. With whom am I speaking and how do I honor their goals?

The fact that the hole may occasionally get bigger and deeper does not mean people who live on either side should live in fear. It simply means they must become creative about continuing to go about their business. With this is mind, I could focus on telling people that, though the hole is deeper for the time being, it is considerably narrower so that building a bridge over it might be less costly. I could also point out that the merchant whose shop happens to be across the whole still provides great services and espouses values that help make their community a great place to live.

Finally, I could make it a point to write about the fact that, though the hole affects local economy and lifestyle, it needs not affect the spirit of confidence, the natural desire to surpass oneself and the right to attain personal goals.

We begin this journey not knowing how to read or write. In fact, we begin this journey not knowing how to walk. Yet, within a short time, we become merchants, teachers, doctors, mechanics, songwriters, independent apartment dwellers, home owners and world travelers. The obstacles we overcome to get here from there are far greater than a mere hole in the road and greater than the occasional dips in the economy.

Therefore, I choose to highlight what works, because though we may all stand on the edge of the hole at one time or another, there is no reason we should push each other into it!

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