Local Scene – A Stowe Tradition

Local Scene – A Stowe Tradition

What say you to Portobello Mushroom Benedict with red pepper hollandaise, poached eggs with tomato, sprouts and melted Cabot cheddar cheese? What say you to cheese fondue for your après-ski delight? What say you to twelve traditional Vermont Inn rooms with the distinctive touch of authentic Vermont antiques, and private baths?

The Gables Inn is a Stowe Landmark, even for residents. I discovered this little gem years ago when I used to travel to Stowe each summer for a much anticipated two-week getaway. Breakfast on the Gables Inn veranda, several times a week, was a treat I especially valued. And it was a totally indulgent affair, complete with wonderfully sinful Stuffed French Toast or bagel, capers and lox, a good book, the rising morning sun and the entire day ahead to do as I pleased. I continued this ritual for a long time and remember it with great delight.

Guests have found their home away from home at the Gables Inn since 1930. This is where they return to unwind after a day on the slopes, the bike path or shopping at Stowe and the area’s many unique craft fairs and boutiques. Originally built as a farm house, in 1856, it retains the ambiance and flavor of that era. This provides an environment that is at once cozy and luxurious, safe and nurturing.

You may remember driving by, on a summer morn, and noticing people sitting at tables on the front lawn under yellow parasols, sipping fresh coffee and tea, chatting, carefree.

The Gables Inn was one of the contributing factors in making this area of Vermont feel more like home than my actual home, north of the border. I have a hunch this is true for many people. It is the sort of destination where we might land for a while until our sense of home becomes so intertwined with the general goodness of the place that we surprise ourselves not being able to leave.

It is a doorway, a home away from home that provides the comfort and pampering that release the mind to dream and wake up one day knowing that we have discovered where we fit and ready to boldly make the move.

See you on the veranda some time!

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