Local Scene: Bee’s Knees

Local Scene: Bee’s Knees

One need not travel far for a change of scenery. We often forget the little gems within short distance of our own doorstep. I was reminded of this the instant I stumbled upon the above photograph this morning. My urbanite brain immediately assumed the scene might have taken place in some remote location; Montreal or Boston perhaps. I was delighted to discover its true origin: The Bee’s Knees, in Morrisville.

“They have a terrace?” was my initial thought. I humbly ask for their forgiveness. How often have I driven by? How often do we seek momentary reprieve from our daily routine in some exotic locals, thinking that we must get out of town in order to feel truly restored? This is not true, of course.

Indeed, I remember moments of pure delight as I “accidentally” discovered a “new-to-me” local merchant or café. If the atmosphere is just right, as often it is, every cell in the body suddenly shifts its vibration to a longer, calmer wavelength. The senses awaken. Our ears become attuned to new sounds. Our eyes discover new sights. For the first time in ages, the incessant chit chat of the mind freezes in time. We see the world anew.

This is the sort of experience that often catches our attention so poignantly that we fall in love with new places. Such encounters can provide the incentive to seek a new life in new surroundings or the inspiration to renew our appreciation for our present community and renew our commitment to taste of it more fully.

See you at Bee’s Knees maybe!?

Bread & Bones, featured in the video clip at left, will be at The Bee’s Knees tonight!


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