Local Scene – Inn of Distinction

Local Scene – Inn of Distinction

Where do you stay when you’re in town? New England would not be what it is without its country inns. They provide the atmosphere and warm welcome that contribute to the success of our tourism industry. They also provide a special connection to the local lifestyle for visitors who some day become our neighbors or local employers.

You see, the local inn is not for vacationers only. It is the open door and friendly chat by the hearth for the new couple wishing to establish their first home in the community they discovered on their honeymoon; it is the safe haven of the retiree who dreams of mountaintop sunsets to replace the sight of sky scrapers and it is headquarters to the business man or woman who wants to establish a local product or service that will enhance our economy.

When the Innkeepers share a journey similar to their guests’, they know how important it is to provide a home away from home that is worthy of the journey.

“We have arrived back at the place we started from,” say Mary Anne and George Lewis, owners of Stowe’s Brass Lantern Inn. Mary Ann and George met right here in Stowe, nearly 27 years ago. “We love to share this story with guests who also share the same love of place and the adventure of life,” they add. The love of place and the adventure of life… perfect choice of words.

Attention to detail, service and the development of long-standing friendships are some of the building blocks and guiding principles Mary Anne and George insist on following each day. Their dedication is based on a heartfelt desire to provide a warm B & B atmosphere. It also takes root in their respective stories.

George draws his attention to detail and building skills from his experience as a professional Architect. As an Occupational Therapist, Mary Anne’s gift for hospitality, and her love of the fast pace of tending to the needs of guests, come naturally. Their three children are involved with the Inn’s operations as well. After all, it must be second nature to follow in the footsteps of such passionate parents.

The Brass Lantern was named “a Country Inn of Distinction”, no less. It seems that more is revealed in these four words than in all the paragraphs of this article. Also, the Inn participates in the “Vermont Farm Fresh Network,” a cooperative network of quality Vermont producers and farmers who bring local products and produce to Vermont homes and tables.

The Brass Lantern, it seems, provides the ingredients for a true experience of Vermont life and Vermont hospitality: Splendid Mount Mansfield views, delicious home made breakfast, creative fresh meals, afternoon tea, cozy fireplaces, soothing whirlpool tubs, walking distance to Stowe village and hosts who cheerfully intone, “We very much look forward to hearing your stories over a cup of tea or glass of wine!”

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