Local Scene – Not Just PB & Jelly

Local Scene – Not Just PB & Jelly

Our minds are constantly churning ideas, making connections, jumping from one thought to the next as each sentence of the inner dialog triggers a new image, a new perspective, a new emotion and the occasional invention.

Inventors. All of us. We invent products, processes, better configurations for the home office, new ways of fitting the laundry in the busy schedule, a strategy to get the kids to tidy up their rooms and better spaghetti sauce recipes. Some invent bobby pins, flying machines and computers. We can barely contain the excited voice inside. It competes with the voices of friends who think we are out of our minds. And we are. Inventing is a “thinking-outside-of-the-box” phenomenon.

It is not true that we cannot re-invent the wheel. Take Peanut Butter, for example. Accounts of peanuts date back to 950 B.C. In 1895, Dr. John Harvey Kellogg – yes, the cereal guru – patented a “Process of Preparing Nut Meal” using peanuts. He served the protein-rich, spreadable delight to patients at his Battle Creek, Michigan, Sanitarium.

This is a good place to pause and allow our minds to make yet another interesting connection. First, notice the photograph of Dr. Kellogg’s Sanitarium guests in the midst of morning calisthenics. Though his claim to fame was, undoubtedly, cereal, I propose that the ingestion of “nut meal” is clearly at the root of his success at building vitality back into his patients’ feeble bodies. This is evidenced today, in the second picture, featuring Vermont Peanut Butter Company athlete, Jeff Neagle. A fitting caption might read, “”Fueled by the down-to-earth goodness of Vermont Peanut Butter, athlete Jeff Neagle takes flight!”

There is always room for improvement. All it takes is a spark of imagination; the great “Ha! Moment” that changes everything. This is exactly how The Vermont Peanut Butter Company, located in Waterbury, began creating ten different nut butters using only 100% organic nuts, all natural ingredients and no sugar, trans fats, gluten or preservatives. Picture, if you will the subtle tones of Vermont maple syrup, cranberries or honey as they burst through with every bite.

The Vermont Peanut Butter Family says it best, “Our ingredients are good for your body, yummy on the palate and settling to your soul.” The word “family” is fitting. As a good neighbor who genuinely cares about their clients as they would care about their own family, The Vermont Peanut Butter Company keeps its production local. They proudly and painstakingly grind, fill, cap, seal, label and ship directly from their Waterbury, VT plant.

This is the sort of creative impulse and values that come together behind a simple idea to churn it into something good for everyone. It is the sort of business spirit that truly has a Vermont flavor. It is part of the reason we love to live here.

Visit The Vermont Peanut Butter Company HERE… Better yet, drop by their Waterbury plant!

See Jeff Neagle’s picture on The Vermont Peanut Butter Company Facebook page.

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