Local Scene: Robert Paul Galleries

Local Scene: Robert Paul Galleries

Afternoon Shadows – Original Oil on Canvas – Mark Thomas

Robert Paul Galleries celebrated 20 years this past October.

Artists from around the world have been and continue to be inspired by the beauty of New England, nature and by moments in time when the proper balance of light and shade reveals in objects left on the corner of a table the life that radiates from apparent stillness.

Artist Mark Thomas, one of over 50 renowned artists and sculptors whose works of art you can see at Robert Paul Galleries, describes his vision in words that truly capture the essence of the gallery’s outstanding selection. His ambition is “that people feel his paintings, that viewers see his art with their spiritual eyes, and that on canvas he will be able to convey emotions by way of color, form and texture.”

One need not be a connoisseur of fine art to appreciate the wide range of styles and techniques on display, for color, form and texture speak directly to our innate sense of beauty and our fascination with free-flowing creative expression.

The Robert Paul Galleries’ collection includes works from accomplished artists very near to us, in Stowe and Vermont, as well as from Canada, Europe and even Russia and New Zealand. It is recognized as one of America’s finest art galleries. This is, no doubt, a well-deserved status, owed to the tasteful assemblage of styles, themes and techniques that offer delight for every eye, every age and all manner of tastes. Robert Paul Galleries also offer astonishing museum quality framing services.

In the midst of an environment where there is such a wide range of unique shops and activities, and in the urge of the moment when we want to see everything, taking the time to absorb the images that appeared from a thousand brush strokes, and the shapes that emerged from creative hands, can open the mind and leave an impression that has the ability to alter all of perception.

If you seek inspiration and warmth on a cold winter day or a reason to invite friends to join you for a feast – one for the eyes that is – set aside some time to discover, or re-discover, local and international artists and how like you, in their own way, they are deeply touched by the beauty of this area and the world at large.

Robert Paul Galleries are located on the Mountain Road, in the Baggy Knees Shopping Center and open daily 10 – 6, 10 – 5 on Sundays.

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