Local Scene: The Mapled Nut Company

Local Scene: The Mapled Nut Company

A few moments ago, my colleague Lisa Grady walked in and placed a box of mixed nuts from Morristown-based Mapled Nut Company in front of me. My early morning decision to not stuff myself with sweets today did not hold up for one second, and I have no regrets. “Simply scrumptious”, is all I can say; a perfect blend of nutty crunch and maple. Not too sweet, not sticky and elegantly packaged. It was a perfect addition to my lunchtime apples and carrots.

I was staring at my computer screen at the time, trying to decide what to write about today. The Eureka moment came immediately upon the first bite, as I experienced the perfect balance between two of Mother Nature’s delights: The nourishing nut and a wholesome touch of sweetness.

The Mapled Nut Company was founded in 1986. New owners Charles and Sara Waskuch continue the tradition of quality and service that was established then. Sara chuckles as she announces, “We liked the nuts so much that we bought the company!” Quality requires adherence to consciously designed practices and the use of carefully selected products. The Mapled Nut Company uses locally-produced maple syrup from their neighbor, family owned Jacob Brook Farm, an organic-certified 425-acre establishment with a proven commitment to sustainable forest management and wildlife habitat. “The nuts are all natural”, explains Sara, “Very good nutritious value with tons of antioxidants and the syrup is loaded with magnesium and zinc.  Nothing added–all natural and good stuff.”

At a time in history when stuff is available in every shape and form and at every turn – stuff that is not necessarily indispensable or of the highest quality by the way – it is particularly reassuring to have access to locally crafted products, for they have a unique soul. They are made of the heart and labor of neighbors who dare to dream, give life to their dreams and share the fruits of their dreams within their own community.

I humbly confess that I stopped for a trip to the kitchen to grab a few more Mapled Nuts in between pretty much every single paragraph of this article. I think I may have added the second paragraph for an excuse to visit the kitchen one more time before someone else finds the box. Incidentally, hold on, I’ll be right back…

The true wealth of a community is found in its people. This area’s local food and business entrepreneurs are living proof. It is not only the type of business or product that makes a difference, but also how well it reflects our values, the expression of our highest abilities and our sense of generosity.

The Maple Nut Company offers its delectable gourmet bites in a variety of perfect sizes for personal or corporate gifts. You can visit their online shop HERE.

Click HERE for the Mapled Nut Butter Tart Recipe.

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