Make your Home Search Engine Ready

Make your Home Search Engine Ready

A recent conversation with a colleague led to further investigation and brainstorming. We were discussing how finding the right words for our audience can be a bit tricky.

If that were the only concern, it would not be much of a challenge, but social media bring a new perspective to the picture: positioning. In short, Internet search engines work with words.

The extra challenge is an added criteria that requires a new level of rigor and thought. Creative writing does not mean “absolute freedom”, and stricter guidelines can lead to more creative writing because they demand even more creative thinking.

Think of your entire house. Imagine a giant search engine, sweeping your house for endearing features. Not only that, but it will sweep the entire neighborhood. The criteria for the search is broad. The home buyer may have the words “I want a new home with more space and privacy” in mind. While you cannot be certain that a buyer would be interested in your house only, you can be sure that your house will be of interest along with others if and when you share the features that matter most to the buyer. Tricky? Not so much.

If you are selling your home, you must appeal to the Internet search engine and the real-life search engine; the buyer. Your home must stand out on the screen as well as on the street. The thought of two levels of search frightens you? Fear not. You have two heads; yours and your Realtor‘s.

In many ways, your criteria is the same as the search engine’s criteria: facts and features. These translate into keywords; the language of search engines. Really give this some thought. With your Realtor, visit each room and list significant features, impressions of how you feel in a special corner of your house and so on. Do not censure yourself. This will be your springboard for composing a property description that will speak directly to the buyer’s imagination with words that capture search engines’ attention as well.

Thus, your description of how the ability to spend evenings in front of the fire at the end of a hard working day has always been one of the main reasons you originally purchased your home, can become the blueprint to more selective language that will bring your home to the top of the list for more buyers to see.

Based on your impressions, your description could include these words: “An impressive Hearthstone fireplace lends the perfect atmosphere to the spacious living room”. Notice the key words: Hearthstone, fireplace, Hearthstone fireplace, spacious, living room, spacious living room. All basic, yet powerful, property marketing terms. From an abstract impression, specific words can emerge that match the vocabulary of the buyer and search engines.

Here is another example. If, during your exploratory conversation with your Realtor, you  commented on how you thought someone might appreciate the large windows, this is a good start to spinning search engine friendly phrases such as, “Large windows throughout the house allow natural light to brighten every room.” Key words: large, windows, large windows, house, natural, light, natural light, bright (variation thereof), room.

You would not tell a prospective home buyer that your living room is about ye wide and ye long. The buyer, like a search engine, wants facts, real measurements and the real cues to spark his or her imagination and match their dream.

Because it is a creative process, finding the right words to describe your property, with the assistance of your Realtor, will take your mind off the “what if’s” and uncertainties associated with selling your home and refocus it on what is certain; that someone else will love it for the first time, as you once did.

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