Many Voices – One Vision

Many Voices – One Vision

I recently asked all Pall Spera Agents: “What do you bring to your practice that you feel is of most value to your clients?”


I imagined that individuals with various degrees of experience and diverse backgrounds might have widely different perspectives. Interestingly, this is not where I noticed the most variations. From the short and sweet and to the point, to the elaborate, it was amusing to notice that the style of a response matched the personality of each individual to perfection. However, the content was always essentially the same.

Everyone agreed. Leadership is key. Specifically, the sort of leadership that supports and empowers, not the sort that overpowers. Lisa Grady, a 30-year veteran who has recently joined the Pall Spera Team, very eloquently summarized everyone’s sentiments: “Strong leadership and relationship skills bring a unique level of experience and confidence to transactions. I know how to navigate the day to day highs and lows, which allows my clients to relax and not get bogged down in details and emotions that pull them away from their goals.”

The desire to focus on the client’s goals is strong. Clearly, a good Real Estate agent must have the ability and willingness to listen, but more than this, he or she must also have the presence of mind to ask the right questions so that clients identify and verbalize their dreams and preferences. It is not enough to go down a list of common seller or buyer considerations. In fact, it is useless. Bidi Wheelwright’s prescription is simple: “Get into their hearts, find their dreams and make them come true.”

There are considerable side effects to this approach, least of which is the inevitable unfolding of lasting friendships. Chuck Heingartner responded to my question by telling me that it truly is about friendship and establishing relationships that will last for many years. “We went to Music in the Meadows on Sunday night with a group of about 12 friends. I looked around and realized most of them were people who had purchased property from me.

Chuck is not alone. Barbara Leswing has a similar experience. She responded to my inquiry by telling me that she builds a relationship of trust and good service. “Many of my clients have become friends”, she adds, “I am gratified by their repeat business and referrals. My circle of client-friends just keeps growing. Lucky me!”

Time and again, I watch our agents leave for appointments with existing or new clients. When they return with a contract or closing paperwork in hand, comments about the transaction are rare. Instead, they walk in with bright eyes, announcing “I just spent two hours with a wonderful couple from New Jersey and could have talked with them all day!” or “I met my client’s children for the first time today. They were so sweet. I need to find them a home with a big, bright play room”.

Real Estate is very up close and personal. All agents receive similar training in order to obtain a license and the proper knowledge to assist sellers and buyers, but knowledge and marketing alone do not buy or sell a house. A Real Estate transaction is also a human relations transaction. The chemistry must be right in order for the connection to flourish and flourish it must, otherwise there is no trust and no common goal.

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