Match Maker

Match Maker

“Nestled among birch stands, stone walls, a reflective pond & gentle brooks…”

“…Discover the many hidden attributes that exist in Gryphon Haven”.

“…A bit of old Vermont only 12 mi. to Montpelier.”

Do you hear it? Do you hear the passion? Lisa Grady returns from meeting with new sellers or buyers with a spark in her eye and passion in her voice. Her property descriptions are like the opening lines of a good novel. They draw you in, enabling you to feel the light, the textures and the quality of life that permeate the residence.

This is not only because of her many years of experience and great expertise; it is because of her true passion for bringing sellers and buyers together into a perfect match. “In many ways, selling a home is a lot like being a match maker,” she says, “You must get to know the personality of the house, know the sellers and understand their values and lifestyle and know the buyers in order to understand where and how their stories intersect.”

It is this genuine interest in people and their stories that enables Lisa to see beyond common features and assess what makes a home unique. It is almost as though each home speaks to her directly. And when she describes the moment buyers find their paradise, it is clear that she feels much compassion and a real interest in their glory. “A young man who has lived in Stowe nearly all of his life can finally afford a home here since prices have gone down,” she announces. “He can stay in the community he loves and share his skills right here,” she concludes. Truly, this is a moment of glory, for the community as well as for the sellers and buyer.

A Realtor is bound by legal obligations, least of which is the obligation to take their clients’ interests to heart.

This is the true reward of the Real Estate professional, to have the ability to take part in the journey and to open doors. Lisa affectionately refers to the “Ah-ha!” moment; that instant of clarification when all the pieces of the puzzle come together. In that instant, the smile on her face is like a window into the joy of others.

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