Memorabilia, Clutter & Things

Memorabilia, Clutter & Things

Real Estate is a fascinating industry, rich with lessons about economic and social trends, lifestyle, choices, transitions, priorities and values. Just as each of us seeks a career path that matches our skills and interests, so do we seek living spaces that match our vision of what it is we need around us in order to feel at home.

There is an element of self recognition in this. The quarter-mile driveway that provides delight to one family as it reveals their home beyond the crest of the hill may not appeal to the avid social bug who likes getting sidetracked in front of a cappuccino a few doors from his home. Likewise, the venetian blinds that allow daylight to inch its way into the family room early in the morning may feel completely lacking in style to someone who delights in the regal atmosphere provided by substantial, designer draperies.

Then, there is stuff. Things do not have inherent sentimental value and our decision to hold on to several items that represent the same memory may be just that; a decision. Perhaps one thing suffices. Perhaps it all boils down to asking, “Who am I now?” and “What do I want to see around me now? What do I use? What could be used by others?”

A book is meant to be read and a thing is meant to be used. If not by me, then by someone else. Then again, there is great value in the things whose sole purpose is to remind us, through their mere presence, of who we are and where we have been. In this sense, a single object can inspire a lifetime.

Many of us begin our adult, independent life with nearly nothing to call our own. This is a point of recognition. It makes us aware of our freedom and ability to choose how to live. The fact that we have nothing to start with does not inspire a sense of lack; instead, it brings to light the clean slate that lies before us, and gives us reason to create something out of nothing.

The objects we bring into our lives are personal, tangible rewards. In this sense, clutter can be a reminder of a very rewarding life!

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