Neither Wind, Nor Rain…

Neither Wind, Nor Rain…

Based on a Story submitted by Susan O’Rourke

Real Estate transactions naturally place interested parties in a position where negotiation is central to communication. Both sides have expectations and preferred time lines. Closing day marks the beginning of a long-awaited dream for both parties. Anticipation reaches deep within, bringing forth the childlike excitement of promise and wonder. The disappointment of delay can easily shift best intentions to discord.

Susan O’Rourke, from our Stowe Village Office, is very definite about one thing: “I love, love, love my job.” Why the enthusiasm? “At this stage of my life it’s so much more about the people.” The following story, submitted by Susan, is most certainly about people.

“Less than 24 hours before closing on a property, a storm, like no other we have seen in the area, raged through at the very time the final walk through was scheduled, taking down several large trees. One tree crashed through an out building. The walk through had to be delayed because power lines were down and no one could get to the property.”

By the time we got there, the damage was obvious. Although we could not get all the estimates we needed in time for closing the next day, the buyer and the seller came to an agreement on what they considered a fair price to clean up the mess left behind from what I suspect was a tornado. In 10+ years of selling Real Estate, I have never before had anything like this happen!”

The word “real’, in Real Estate, stands for more than the obvious; it stands for the ability to keep things in perspective and infuse the entire process with a sense of respect and possibility.

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