Submitted by Judy Foregger ~ Pall Spera Associate since 1986

I never thought in a million years that I would become a pig farmer, but… my son felt that his children should have exposure to raising livestock. So, on a Sunday afternoon in April, while I was away, my son and grand-children went to a farm in Shelburne and brought Olivia home. Brown and white, chubby and friendly, but where to put her?

Her early days were spent in a chicken coop, playing with the kids; hours of fun. She has now moved up to an old silo foundation behind the barn. Perfect for Olivia. She has a beautiful crabapple tree and plenty of shade and protection.

Feeding has not been a problem. She eats any leftover there is. The restaurant at the Country Club of Vermont (private), in Waterbury, has a gourmet chef: Peter. Olivia feasts on gourmet leftovers and is thriving and happy. I do not give her ham!

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