Ready or Not…

Ready or Not…

You shake hands with the Realtor. You have just signed a listing contract to sell your home. Your agent had brought delicious bagels and veggie cream cheese his wife makes at home. “How delightful!” you exclaim, “she should market this!”

Back to business… your agent explains his marketing plan for your home. You are delighted with this as well and feel an indescribable energy inside; the energy of possibilities and exciting new directions on the horizon. You trust that you have a good strategy and hope to sell fast.

As you see your agent to the door and watch him step away from your home, a different sort of energy sets in; a bit of fear perhaps. This is normal. But how do many of us respond to this sort of fear? Procrastination.

Interesting contradiction, isn’t it? The thought of moving on as soon as possible is exhilarating. You are ready to go, now. On the other hand, a look around at all your stuff is enough to stop you in your tracks.

Add the children’s extra-curricular activities, the wedding you promised to attend though it is 400 miles away and you have no idea how you will make time, your basement full of stuff, all your furniture and clothes, your busy work schedule and what do you have? You have a choice: An anxiety attack or better yet, a list to help you formulate a plan of action so that by the time you sit at the closing table, your new journey can begin in earnest.

First, you imagined selling your home. Now, simply imagine how you might break down the next weeks and months. Pick a deadline. Let’s imagine we are looking at seven months. According to the Multiple Listing Service, this is the average time homes that sold in Lamoille County between May 2010 and May 2011 spent on the market. This is good news for your action plan.

Do the math. Divide your home and property into separate areas. For example, depending on size and configuration, an area may consist in a room or combination of rooms. Let’s say you come up with 10 areas. If you are looking at the seven months ahead, this gives you nearly three weeks per area. Doesn’t this already sound more manageable?

Make an appointment with your home. For each area, schedule some time to begin trimming down what you don’t need and packing up what you can already set aside. If you have children who are old enough to help, delegating will buy you tons of time.

Visible, tangible steps provide an immediate sense of progress toward your goal. In addition to this, you will likely encounter moments when a rediscovered object becomes the center of attention and inspires spirited conversation for a while. This is one of the delights of your journey.

In upcoming articles, we will review moving strategies, from packing boxes to packing the moving truck. Stay tuned and remember… begin somewhere and begin now!

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